Your opinions and what we are going to do about them

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who filled out our survey we sent round at the beginning of last week. We are trying to pilot an innovative approach to discounting where people save money at the restaurants they love and use these savings for the social good. To do this we need to build a community that you love and want to help grow. With this in mind we have decided to go against the grain and actually listen to your feedback and make a few changes. Here is a run through of what you said and what we are going to about it. 

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Our social mission is at the very centre of everything we do. We save you as much as we can in the hope that you will then use the money you have saved to do some good. 64% of you are on board with this which is great but we should do more to ensure that all our users understand that donation process. We are going to create a live donation counter on a new website that will allow users to see exactly how much money is donated alongside more information of how this money is used to help. We got many comments on the fact that we take donations when you have pledged £5. We do this because we are charged a processing fee on every donation which is 1.2% + 0.20p. We take payment at £5 to minimise these fees and ensure that we pass as much money as possible onto our charities. The Dealer App covers these fees to ensure that the full £5 goes to where it is needed most. 

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33% of you said that there were only a few restaurants that you liked on The Dealer. This will not do, you guys need places you like munching at so we are hiring new sales staff in each city to see if we can persuade a few more restaurants to come on board with our cause. We are also investing in our product to ensure that we have an offering that restaurants can't say no to. We will update you with any new recruits, please have patience with us here. 

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54% of you said there was some teething issues with the staff entry of the PIN. We are looking into a few solutions to this problem. One option would be to have a barcode scanner than you as the customer interact with of your own accord, removing the possibility of staff error or miscommunication. We are also going to make it compulsory for Dealer venues to have a visible sticker in the window as well as at the tills to make it crystal clear that they are participating in the scheme. This will take a few months to implement so bear with us on that one. 

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Because we are a small business we rely on our users, (you guys) to help us grow. As such we have designed a referral system where you receive £5 for every 3 people you introduce to The Dealer. This comes in the form of cold hard cash via electronic bank transfer, there is no misleading transfer of credit or anything like that. This was designed to be as attractive as possible for our users. It works by clicking on the profile section in the bottom right hand corner and then clicking 'Get £5 cash.' Then you can copy your code or send it via messenger, whatsapp or email. Anyone who downloads the app and enters your code will be counted towards your £5. Your feedback has made it evident that this process is not clear and so we are going to create an entire section on our new website dedicated to referrals and give it its own page in the app. This will probably replace the my venues section or something similar. That way you will find it far easier to use our referral scheme. After all, without you guys helping grow our story, we are nothing. 

Thanks again for all your feedback, we are determined to put your wishes first and so you will see your opinions heard and put into action over the coming months. Watch this space!!