Why Homelessness?

There are lots of good causes out there - so why choose homelessness? We believe that you have to start somewhere and homelessness is a cause that became important to Henry and I through our work at The Porch Stepping Stone in Oxford. While we believe The Dealer's contributions to local homeless charities are just the beginning we thought we would share with you the story of how it all began. 

One day Henry was riding his bike around Oxford and as he turned gracefully into Magdalen Road he found a lorry coming in the opposite direction. As his life flashed before his eyes his muscle memory kicked in and he swerved the oncoming vehicle and went head over arse into the pavement. What resulted was a dent to Henry’s pride and a serious dent to the face. He lost two teeth on the concrete and required seven stitches to piece his beautiful face back together.

 Nothing that a nice cup of Chai won't sort! 

Nothing that a nice cup of Chai won't sort! 

As Henry was lying there on the floor, a man appeared from the adjacent building, like some form of guardian angel. He patched Henry up and got him in shape in no time. His name was Guy and he ran The Porch stepping stone which is a day shelter for the homeless and the vulnerably housed. During this A&E meeting they somehow manged to have a chin wag about what the Porch did and Guy spoke about the shelters needs for volunteers. When Henry came home he told me about what had happened and we decided to do our bit to help out.

We began volunteering at the Porch and got to experience the incredible work they do. Having been at university in Oxford, you are always aware of the homeless issue and I think everyone feels slightly uncertain about how to help. Occasionally giving money in the street did not feel like the answer and always left some uncertainty about whether or not you had done the right thing. We spoke at length with the lovely people who worked there, with Lorraine and Esperanza and when we decided to launch a business in Oxford we decided that we would try to do something to help.

 This is Lorraine and she is the loveliest person int the world! 

This is Lorraine and she is the loveliest person int the world! 

We were thinking about launching a discounting platform to help Oxford’s businesses drive footfall. As we were saving our users money we thought we could use this as an opportunity to raise money for homeless charities, who were struggling in an environment of growing homelessness and government cuts.

So that is what we did, every time you use The Dealer you receive a pop up asking you to return a small amount of the money you have saved back to one of our chosen charities. These donations are optional and our service is free, all we ask is that you give if and when you can. There are no obligations.

We are starting with homelessness, but one day we hope to expand The Dealer so we can incorporate more charities to allow all our users to give back to whichever causes are important to them.

Our vision is to re-connect individuals who have become disengaged with the homelessness issue to better understand it and how to help, whilst also providing a channel for them to donate money to those charities that need it most.

Enjoy your savings and remember to give back where you can!