Who's Who at The Dealer App

They say that business is all about people, we thought we'd let you know the team behind the deals, so you can get to know us away from the chat bot. 


Edward Alun-Jones - Supposedly in charge of the operation but no-one knows what he actually does. As he will tell you, creativity is all about flow and taking the steps to find that flow is the most important part of it all. As such he justifies yoga, meditation, martial arts and reading as part of the work process from which he claims all ideas flow. He came up with the idea for an ethical discounting platform and has been pushing it ever since.   

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One-day Henry will publish the definitive guide to sales strategy. It will be entitled ‘Life on the Road: how to use a David Brent tribute act to sell anything to anyone.’ There is only one man able to properly run an office and he works out of Slough, but we have got the next best thing. He has reportedly sold indulgences to the Pope and a parker pen to none other than Jordan Belfort himself. He has been tasked to bring to you the best restaurants in your city and what a job he does. When he isn’t knocking on doors he dabbles in the most traditional of English sports, Cricket, despite being built in the same mould as ex-Pakistani captain, Inzaman-ul-Haq. 

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Yahya Uddin - Never mind Moeen Ali, this is the real beard to be feared. It has often been wondered ‘If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’ It has also been wondered if a CTO actually exists if no-one has ever seen him. He codes out of a custom built virtual reality dungeon in Birmingham and his code and his weights are the only things that actually confirm he is a real person. He is in charge of making sure the app works properly, he is literally everything, without him we would seek to exist. I think he knows his power and is a big fan of making cyber-threats to his employers. The oft-talked about assassination has proved to be all in jest…so far! 


Rome was not built in a day and you can’t build a tech business without a fleet of techies. Tom is our import from Dubai, where he spent the early part of his life in abstention from the poison of alcohol. One day he was converted in what sounds like some sort of religious experience and him and Ed teamed up over a few jars in the Riverside pub. Tom takes charge of our web-based programmes whenever he can squeeze in a few minutes for coding either side of time spent sloshing down ice-coffee’s and smoking Marlboro Reds.