Ed Alun-Jones


Upon realising that he was still playing Sunday league at the age of 22, Ed conceded that the dream of professional football had probably died and that it was time for fresh pastures.  The Dealer is his brainchild, cooked up during his time at Oxford.  He treats business a bit like a sports field and is fiercely competitive whilst encouraging others around him to do likewise.  High street marketing and the discount industry has been in need of a shake up for years he says - he has created The Dealer to deliver it.

Henry Hayes

Head of Marketing & Sales

If you know Henry, you’d know he’s never been one to say no to an extra bite or one last gulp of gourmet goodness. It therefore came as no surprise to some that he’s ended up in the coffee houses, pubs, restaurants and entertainment houses of Oxford, talking to owners about putting on lucrative deals for the public. Henry’s joined forces with Ed and is out to revolutionise how we view the retail market, one steak, one snakebite and one city at a time.